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I didn’t want to say anything

Beyond “Hello”

But here we are

You telling me your life story

Something something

About your grandma

Your best friend

Who isn’t your best friend

Who yelled at you

And you don’t know why

I don’t know why

We are still talking

I gave you my cues

Tried to turn away

Even backed up

Until I felt the wall

But here we are

You talking breathlessly

Me listening halfheartedly


Can we say


Luisito is a poet and wanderer. He has lived his whole life cross culturally, in languages he isn’t quite fluent…

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I flew in on a little plane

Took a helicopter to the island

Sharing space with sacks of rice

And a few cans of jet fuel

Landed with a backpack

And a spare pair of flip flops

Said goodbye with a squint

And a few waves of my hand

And I was down the trail

I asked directions once

Till I found I could

Walk the whole island

In the time it took me

To sip through a coconut

Less than a week in

I had run out of food

The villagers gave me

A few eggs and some oatmeal

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Over across the sea

Through the clouds

Under the mango tree

In a rattan hammock

A little boy with tan lines

Sits with his walkman

The tape ran through

At least half hour ago

His hand sits idly

Pen between his fingers

Journal on his legs

His eyes wander

Between the leaves

Over the curled up

Cracked and scared

Sap-running tree bark

His mind ran frantically

Over well trodden paths

Hard red clay

Packed till nothing could grow

Slick under rain

Crusty under the sun

He went back and forth

Wondering how many times

He would rip a piece of…

Tricks to keep us honing our writing craft and keep us writing

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Life is a mess these days. The amount of distractions we face is jaw-dropping. Between our ex’s photos on Facebook and the latest Covid news it is a surprise we ever get anything done.

There are a few tricks to keep us honing our writing craft, and most of all, to keep us writing. I would like to share the things I have found to be most helpful.

Read Inspiring Things

The Habit podcast always ends with the question, “Which writers inspire you to write?” I think this is a wonderful question to ask ourselves every day. When the dry spell hits, the…

Every sad song

All the best songs

Start with home

Walking away

Running towards

Or just missing home

But every song

That's ever been written

Is about home

It is true

And every piece I write

Every lyric, or poem

All the prose I compose

They all tip toe

Gently and ever so quietly

Around about home

Home I miss

Home I never had

Or the home I am making

When we first met

You had this kind of sparkle

A grumpy glow

It shimmered in the whites of your eyes

It left trails wherever you walked

You took coffee

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I sat in the Seattle airport trying to hold the drooping skin around my eyes from pulling my eyelids shut. 26 hours awake and counting. My ipad screen full of homework reading went dim as I stared without moving through the rain covered glass.

A man and his son came walking by, both with quivering lips and red, blinking eyes. The older man was crying. His tears weren’t so sad as they were angry, and they weren’t so angry as they were scared. He choked back words, choked back tears and choked back the frustration in his voice. He spat…

It has been awhile since my feet touched the burning streets of my hometown of Puerto Ayacucho. I miss the way the heat crashed like waves over me until I felt I would suffocate. How then, as the days went on, the heat became the ordinary, and even on hot nights with the fan blowing heavy and mucky breeze over my body, I didn’t mind. I miss walking down to the muddy Orinoco River. Waving off friends as their outboard motors rattled off up stream. The mud squeezing its way over my flip flops and between my toes. Warm, sometimes…

Luisito Gavara

A world traveller. From Venezuela, living in Canada, telling stories of humanity. POM (poet of medium)

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